About The Artist

I was born in the Highlands of Scotland and it is to this source that I often return for inspiration. Now living in London, my trips north are an opportunity to rediscover the backdrop to my childhood.

My paintings are about landscape and memory. They are my response to being there and to not being there. I react to standing in a place of great natural beauty by trying to capture and share the powerful impression the land and seascape have had on me. My work is as much about the weather and season as the place depicted, because these elements cannot be separated, one place often becomes the source of many paintings.

Each of my paintings is a journey. They evolve from stimuli such as a collection of photographs both old and new, drawings, stones, driftwood, words, thoughts and memories. Working in oils with wax added to the bottom layers allows me to inscribe back into the painting, creating depth and a history of marks that echo the journey made.

My work hangs between the literal and abstract, creating a sense of place rather than an exact translation of the landscape.


2000/2001 Chelsea College of Art

2001/2004 Wimbledon School of Art